About Energy Medicine

Energy work or medicine is a series of technique that enables someone to work consciously with subtle energy (chi, life force, qi, lung, spirit) usually for the purpose of healing or relaxation. One form of energy medicine that Natalie practices is Reiki, but also other techniques from shamanism, meditation, and divination.

During a session, Natalie will work with universal life force energy to benefit the individual receiving the session. In addition to helping others, energy medicine can also teach us how to work with our energy system in a way that benefits ourselves. Reiki and other forms of energy medicine can be taught to anyone and can be administered in person or from a distance. If you are interested in learning these techniques please continue to check the “Courses & Training” page as courses will become available soon.

This energy has yet to be directly measured using human-invented instrumentation, but it is repeatedly felt by individuals and its effects have been demonstrated in preliminary scientific research.
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